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 Essential in any wardrobe, cotton denim is a classic fabric that transcends all trends and adapts to any style: from everyday jeans to bold-cut shorts, skirts, or jackets, the women's denim collection from Loulou Studio offers a diverse range of pieces with a fresh and effortless look.


An American fashion icon, cotton denim actually originates from the city of Nîmes, France. Inheriting a unique craftsmanship, Loulou Studio's organic cotton denim stands out for its quality textile production, entirely free from pesticides or insecticides in all stages of manufacturing and weaving. Thanks to this responsible manufacturing, the cotton doesn't deplete soils and reduces water and energy consumption.


Crafted from these organic fabrics, the women's denim products from the brand come in various cuts. Whether high-waisted or mid-rise, wide or straight-legged, jeans remain the cornerstone of the wardrobe: a classic piece that evolves with trends, they can be worn daily with a t-shirt, an oversized cashmere sweater, or a wool cardigan, but also for evening events, paired with heels and a silk top or a blouse. For a bolder style, dare to try a midi skirt  or denim shorts. With their flattering and comfortable cuts, they'll add a lively touch to your wardrobe.


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