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Essential pieces in every woman’s wardrobe, jackets have the power to reinvent any look based on the season, outfit, desires, and styles. At Loulou Studio, we offer a multitude of jackets and coats for women, with pieces for every occasion. From the light and airy summer jacket to the trendy wool coat, not to mention the perfect bolero for sophisticated evenings, our collection is as eclectic as it is unique.


Nothing beats a mid-season jacket to elegantly complete your wardrobe: from the cotton twill blazer to the linen jacket that adds a casual touch to your look, including the sleeveless coat or the long satin-effect jacket, our selection for the mild seasons emphasizes choice and different cuts.


Complete your outfit with our models made from natural materials: the women’s tailored jacket or wool and cashmere blousons. The classic trench coat in cotton gabardine, always a safe bet. The leather jacket with a decidedly modern look.


In winter, any type of coat remains a key piece in your look: XXL size to combat the cold or with decidedly fashionable cuts, it remains a star product among our items. Every material and silhouette is welcome: the tailored collar coat like an elongated jacket. The flared sleeve coat that adds an undeniable touch of femininity to your style. The round or V-neck version, graphic and trendy. The hooded quilted model, in black or an unexpected color. Versions multiply according to your style.


The message is clear: the Loulou Studio collection has everything to fill your wardrobe. Stay trendy by pairing your jeans or denim skirt with our woolen blazers. Slip on your coat over a cashmere sweater for a chic and casual look. Highlight your velvet evening clothes by pairing them with a leather jacket. Dare to wear heels with our blazers borrowed from the men's wardrobe. Experiment with all types of accessories and perfect all your looks with our pieces.


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