The looks HS24

DEMETER Silk dress


Amidst the bustling rhythm of city life, this High Summer collection ideates on escapism. An anti-thesis to clutter and confusion, it’s a cohesive capsule that takes away the guesswork from holiday packing and frenetic urban dwelling during the temperate months of the year.

“There was an overall desire for fluidity and ease,” shares Creative Director Chloé Harrouche. “As always, we curated fabrics and built shapes that felt evident and seamless, as much in the city as by the sea.” A permeating sense of liberty and a luxury defined by comfort, achieved through ultra-breathable fabrications and a distillation of classic silhouettes into their purest forms.

Designed to fill the gap between the main seasons, the High Summer facilitates this heated transition with an easy grace and refreshing simplicity. The ease that comes from serenely pared down ensembles. The delicate touch of superfine silk against the skin works with airy summer knits to softly delineate a new zone of comfort.

A tight selection featuring the Loulou Studio signature twists on proportions and textural finish coupled with a meticulous study on color harmonies. Here, we find a comforting blush-toned Rose that deepens into a duskier hue, or a pecan camel reflecting the warm beige of sandy dunes while an arctic blue-grey coolly disrupts the mainstay ivories and black. Soft shades that blend seamlessly together but also with the staples already in your closet.

Another promising development this season is the first line of swimwear. Second skin as the operating narrative, the careful selection of hues and quasi-invisible hemming yields liquified garments that seamlessly merge and adapt with every curve.

Capturing that treasured moment when you finally arrive, eyes on the horizon, the tension on the shoulder softens as you let out a sigh of relief. Superfine silk twills intertwine with crips cotton poplins and tightly knit crochets. All seasonal pieces whose steady support transforms them into eventual staples, highlighting the usual theme of softness as strength, this time infused with a midsummer serenity.