The looks

PANAY Organic denim jumpsuit


“This collection focuses on the life of a woman,” says Creative Director Chloé Harrouche. “It was a contemplation on how the passage of time affects our inner lives, of course, but also how it is reflected on the exterior, on our skin, the clothes that we wear.”

Temporal erosion, traces of life, experience. All these is interpreted through the textural quality of the materials chosen: the slight grain on a striped flannel, the delicate rawness of cotton gauze, the slightly raised fibers of natural knits, the imperfect pleats of a crushed velvet. “There is a certain roughness this season, unfinished hems, deliberate creasing, fabrics that seem unpolished and yet it still feels luxurious to the touch, with a kind of beauty that is even more touching precisely because it is imperfect, a bit disrupted.”

The passage of time is also echoed in the liquified movement of some pieces, a flowing silk dress, the draping on a feather-light wool shirt, a shiny satin trench coat that almost seems wet where the light hits. This fluidity is explored even deeper through varying shades of soft aqua blues, an important colorway this season.

In its entirety, the collection seems complex, presenting a wide range of different materials. However, through the careful selection of harmonious colors and a levelled balancing of contrasts, the pieces are seamlessly matchable, logical, and visually coherent. We usually approach aging with a certain apprehension. This tension, however, is barely palpable in this collection. On the contrary, there is a sense of calm and security. Here we see how experience enriches a woman’s life, how shadows and scars can be a source of strength. “It paints a deeper sense of elegance”, shares Chloé before continuing: “An elegance that is quiet and self-assured in its maturity, one that I hope will resonate with all kinds of women from all over.”