“There’s something decidedly strong and yet purposefully soft about Loulou Studio. I’d like to think of my designs as soft armours, giving Women intimate confidence.”

— Chloé Harrouche, Founder & Creative Director, Loulou Studio

The Studio

Established in 2019 and designed in Paris by Creative Director Chloé Harrouche, Loulou Studio offers a wardrobe of covetable essentials steeped in authentic French simplicity. With a classic take on modernity, the collection finds balance in contrast and precision: soft yet powerful, minimal but edgy, feminine with a masculine touch, Loulou Studio’s wardrobe highlights the ease and strength of the woman wearing it.

Made of natural fabrics carefully sourced in Europe or Mongolia, and crafted in a collaborative effort with longstanding supplying partners and artisans, Loulou Studio’s clothing stands out for its organic feel and attention to detail, becoming a soft armour to take along in everyday life.

The Studio
The Studio The Studio

This idea is perfectly embodied by the brand’s logo, the seashell with a talisman quality, delicate, strong and protective.