The manufacturing workshops

Acutely aware of the ecological environment in which Loulou Studio evolves, founder and creative director Chloé Harrouche wishes to continously improve its practices throughout its production chain in order to protect our ecosystems and the working conditions of our employees.

Since the beginning of its adventure, Loulou Studio has nurtured long-lasting, loyal relationships with its manufacturing partners, chosen for their unique know-how and their continuous work to reduce their environmental impact.

Many of them selected because of their certifications guaranteeing the best practices. Loulou Studio also adheres to rigorous fair pricing practices to help guarantee ethicalvand safe working conditionsas negotiating lower prices would have an adverse impact on the worforce, thei salaries and their working environment. 

These principles are key elements in the choice of our partners to ensure a high quality production, and a relationship of trust and transparency with our customers.

The materials

Loulou Studio creates products in innovative materials that are increasingly respectful of its ecosystem. Our design studio is committed to choosing the best quality materials to offer a unique experience to our customers.

The knitwear

Loulou Studio's cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia in Central Asia, home of the best quality cashmere in the world, thanks to the ancestral method of its harvesting, but also its natural treatment, spinning and combing.

Guaranteed OEKO TEX, attesting that no toxic product for the environment and for the man was used during the stages of transformation.

Our merino wool comes from New Zealand and Australia, and has the specificity of being extremely rare, fine, soft and shimmering.

RWS certified (Responsible Wool Standard), which guarantees the good practices of the breeders, a progressive approach to land management, the five freedoms of animal welfare and finally a total transparency of traceability.


The leather found in 10% of the Loulou Studio collection is of animal origin and respects the best environmental practices proposed by the Leather Working Group. Also labeled INTERTEK, our leathers are verified and tested, ensuring compliance with international standards of quality, health, environment, safety and social responsibility. All our leather is produced in Turkey.


Our cotton poplin, known for its unique quality, is also OEKO TEX certified and Better Cotton Initiative certified, which emphasizes that farmers minimize the harmful impact of crop protection practices, ensure the use, quality and availability of water, take care of soil health, preserve natural habitats, and, defend the rights of workers in terms of working conditions, safety and pay. All our poplin is produced in Portugal.


For the first time this season, Loulou Studio is proud to present a denim capsule, made of 100% organic cotton, in order to have a more ecological but also more ethical approach.

From the seed to the harvest of the flower, organic cotton is grown without pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers and without genetically modified organisms. Soil use is not depleted and water and energy use is limited. All our denim is produced in Italy.

The packaging

Loulou Studio is committed to reducing its use of plastic and to completely removing it from its final packaging, in order to limit the propagation of microplastic or nano plastic in our oceans.

Our bags and boxes as well as our stationery are made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper guaranteeing the sustainable management of the forests, especially the Amazonian ones, and thus preserving biodiversity.

Loulou Studio Team

Loulou Studio is committed to putting forward each personality for the benefit of the team, valuing all singularities without distinction of age, gender, skin color, social origin, religion or sexual orientation...

This philosophy, so dear to the Studio, allows each collaborator to evolve in a benevolent, stimulating and secure work environment.

Loulou Studio respectfully accompanies each of its collaborators in the expression of their potential and their creativity, in order to propose a more efficient organization where they can experiment and make proposals.

The distributors

Today, Loulou Studio is present in more than two hundred points of sale around the world, in exceptional addresses with international influence.

Each of our business partners is committed to sharing a unique experience with their customers and to offering a work environment that is attentive and supportive to their employees.

Loulou Studio is committed to accompanying them throughout the process in order to create a lasting and harmonious relationship.

We select our resellers with high standards in order to offer our clients addresses that are in line with our vision and values.

Our clients

Loulou Studio is inspired by its clients to develop an inspiring and inclusive experience that is synonymous with a relationship based on sincerity.

We are committed to a constant evolution, always listening to our community in order to offer them a service and products that respect their image.

Conscious of belonging to an extremely polluting industry, Loulou Studio endeavors to bring a maximum of transparency to its customers on the traceability of its products but also to respect a policy of price and promotions not inciting to the overconsumption and the mass production.

Loulou Studio wishes to be part of an ever more responsible approach to its environment in order to become an eco-responsible and ethical brand and to offer a better future to our customers. Our relationship with our customers is at the heart of our concerns because they give life to Loulou Studio.